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Do You Know Instagram Saved Your Former Usernames, Full Names, Bio Texts and Links in Your Profile? Here's Exact Steps to Find That

Instagram save the former profile information in user profile.

Instagram Archives Your Past Profile Information

Your profile information on Instagram related to your username, bio texts, full name and bio links. For a good looking Instagram profile you must need a eye catching profile information including those specific areas. You may change your username, bio and text links for whenever you want. But the most interesting fact is that, unlike other social media platforms Instagram has an exception. The unique exception is Instagram archives all those changes in your own profile information. In my opinion this is a great feature as you don't have to take notes of your previous profile information, as who knows you might sometime feel that your previous bio text would be great. So, this is a great solution for that.

Here's Exact Steps to Find That

Step 1: Log in to your Instagram Account

Log in to your account using your username and password. 

Step 2: Click the Edit Profile or the Circle
After logging in, you need to go to your profile page not the feed page. Then click on the edit profile option or circular option. Look at the photo below

Step 3: Click on the Privacy and Security option 

After completing the step 2, you will find 5 sub menus in the Edit profile option. Find and click on the ' Privacy and Security ' 


Step 4: Find and Click on the Account Data

After clicking on the Privacy and Security option you will find 9 types of privacy and security options for your account. Now, find the Account Data (No. 6 from the top) and click the blue color writing as 'View Account Data'.

 Step 5: Find the Hidden Treasure

You are almost going to explore the hidden treasure in your instagram account. After clicking on the 'View Account Data' option you will find the following information;
  • Account Info
  • Connections
  • Profile Info
  • Account Activity
  • Stories Activity and 
  • Ads 
Now, explore the Profile Info option to find your used treasures. 

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