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Top 3 Strategies To Increase Your Instagram Engagement You Can Start Doing Right Now

Best 3 strategies to boost instagram engagement

Why Instagram Engagement

Instagram is now one of the game changing thing on social media. Over billion monthly users make it more demanding place for digital marketing world.

To make the best out of Instagram you need to have engaged audiences and moderate to huge followers base.

To be a noticeable Instagram influencer engagement is very important. There are many strategies on how to increase your Instagram engagement.

Today, I am going to share with you the top 3 strategies to boost your Instagram engagement. You will benefit a lot from each of them, but as always you have to commit and stick to it 100% for the true magic happens.

Top 3 Strategies

 Here are the top 3 strategies to increase Instagram engagement that you should start right now-

  1. Be Responsive
  2. Crafting Your Captions and
  3.  Improve Hashtag Game

Be Responsive

React positively to those who react your post by commenting or responses to the stories.Think of it as a conversation. If someone start talking to you, you need to talk back for making it a positive interaction.

Be as responsive as possible to all interactions. That means replying to both positive and negative feedback, answering all questions, acknowledging people's ideas, thoughts, feelings etc. 

Crafting Your Captions

Did you know that, Instagram captions can be 2200 characters long. It means, you can write something compelling and in-depth which can add great value to your content. 

You can boost your engagement by using crafted captions. You can include context to your post, ask engaging questions so your followers can comment with a positive reply or you can prompt them by adding a call to action.

This strategy requires a little bit of focus and time. Most of the Instagram users write one sentence or don't use them at all. Caption is the place where you can build connection with your audience and provide more value to your content.

However, meaningful captions whether short or long are great way to boost Instagram engagement.

Improve Hashtag Game

Hashtag is extremely important for your Instagram post visibility and exposure. Take this more seriously. This is the main source of new followers.

You can use as many strategies as you can but to be honest without using hashtags you are using merely 20% of your growth.

Doing the research on hashtags for your post and niche can be hard working and requires patience but once you crack this skill, the result will be great.

If you rank your post on a particular hashtag, that post will surely get unimaginable engagements. Keep in mind to make your content highly relevant to the hashtag.

Boost your instagram engagement with top 3 strategies

End Thoughts

There are other strategies to follow for increasing the Instagram engagement such as; joining in the engaging Facebook groups. But this top 3 strategies are the most fundamental rules you need to boost your Instagram engagement.

So, what do you think of those top 3 strategies? If you have other strategies please share your thoughts in the comment section. If you find value just do a little favor for me by sharing this blog post to your friend and at least pin this. If you interested you can subscribe to the mailing list.

Thank you and see you in the next article.

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