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10 Engaging Instagram Story Ideas For Businesses! You Must Try

Instagram Story Ideas for Business

Instagram stories are very important feature to get greater reach and better engagement for your businesses. Bearing in mind about the importance of it, still sometimes we might face the challenges of having lack of Instagram story ideas.

Don't worry too much, it is quite normal to every content creator out there. So, I have listed these following 10 Instagram story ideas for businesses, which will definitely help you to plan your next stories.

Oh, I forgot to mention about important Bonus Ideas, read along the full article you might find those in the bottom half of this post.

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10 Engaging Instagram Story Ideas For Businesses

Instagram Story Ideas for Businesses

  1. Post Testimonials: As a business or brand make sure to capture your client's testimonials towards your service. You can demonstrate those testimonials in your stories, it will build more credibility with your followers. You might even notice the increase in your sales. So, you should definitely try out.

  2. Post Memes: Why not bring in some humor to your stories related to your business. It would be a great way to engage with your audiences. People always like to smile. If your memes bring them some smile then I bet you that they will soon your customer. For creating memes relevant to your niche, visit:

  3. Behind The Scenes: People might often want to know about your behind the scene activities. Take this as a opportunity as your Instagram story idea. Give a sneak peek of your daily behind the scene activities to make a long lasting relationship with your followers.

  4. Guides And Tutorials: Educate your followers on your business related topics or your product's specific usage in your story. It will help your followers to make a quick decision to purchase your product. It also helps you to gain credibility among your followers as an expert in your business field.

  5. Exhibit Your Work: You can showcase your portfolio on Instagram Stories. This would be a great opportunity to promote your skills and products to your audiences. I bet your audiences will love those stories.

  6. Ask Question: There are multiple sticker options available in Instagram Story setting by which you can ask questions, create polls and quiz. This will allow you to understand your audiences better and eventually you will find your ideas for your next contents. Sometimes, it will be a great idea to show the poll result or best answer from the audiences to your next stories. Your followers will love those for sure.

  7. Show your Face: Reveal yourself with some of your interesting photos or daily photos doing your daily work in your Instagram Stories. Make a short video about any things about your life. Just to make sure that you are real. It will help your followers emotionally connected with you.

  8. Make a Q&A Session: You followers might want to know more about you. Tell your audiences to ask question about you and your personal life. After their question, you make a short videos or separate story to answer those questions.

  9. Share Other People's Post: Be a social person by sharing other creator's post in your stories which is relevant to your niche. It will make a strong bond among content creators. They might even promote you as the appreciation. So, take this opportunity as a Instagram Story Idea for your Businesses.

  10. Make Video Clips: Video clips containing life hacks will be hugely appreciable by your followers. Video tips are one of most powerful ways to increase engagement and story views.

Congratulations and thank you for reading this far. As I promised to share the bonus Instagram Story Ideas for Businesses, here you can find those;

Location Sticker: You can attract new audiences and followers by using the location sticker. Use some photos along with the location sticker would be a good idea.

Encourage You followers to send you DM: Instagram recently launch a new feature by which one can use the DM sticker on their stories. Encourage your followers to send you the DM using that sticker.

Product Teasers: When you are planning to launch your new products or services, make it more compelling by showing a teaser in your story.

Promote Your Followers: Share the best and inspiring comments of your followers from your posts and tag them in your story. They will become very happy for your appreciation.

Hope you enjoy reading this post and get some value from it. I would be very happy to know your ideas in the comment section. Also don't forget to share this post to your friends and follow me on Pinterest. 
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