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Organic Instagram Growth From 0-10k Followers With 30 Days Instagram Challenge

Organic instagram growth with 30 days instagram challenge


Organic Instagram Growth

Organic Instagram Growth is a hot topic in digital marketing arena. Every business brand wants to grow organically on Instagram.

Most of them want to grow as early as possible. For that, they often try to find shortcut methods to grow. But the key to success in Instagram lies in consistency and patience.

Apart from the consistency and patience there are other major factors like; quality content, engagement, etc. Also you should follow the fundamental strategies to boost your Instagram engagement.

Growing your Instagram organically is not an easy task. You have to challenge yourself to strict with your plans and strategies and regularly gather resources and knowledge for creating valuable content.

It totally depends on how you take this challenge. Always keep the mindset as now or never. So lets dive into the 30 days challenge.

30 Days Instagram Challenge

The main purpose of this challenge is to explore the gems of Instagram and make the best practices as a habit. If someone continue it he/she will get the magic.

Who can participate

Those who are yet to find the best out of Instagram, small businesses and brands, those who wanted to create band and become an authority on their niches.

What is needed to join 

Only your smart phone and internet connection is needed. Except those all are related with your mindset. You have to research widely on niche, have great passion and patience and most importantly you have to come out of your comfort zone. A note book to write down your progress and plan would be great.

Now lets start our journey with the 30 Days Instagram Challenge

Day 1

Use your first day of the challenge finding out your perfect niche, open a business Instagram account and make attractive logo related to your niche which introduce your brand.

Choose your user name and your name wisely on Instagram as it represents your brand. Make the best use of your bio by using interesting emojis, short introduction and what services you are going to offer.

Now, lets find brands on your niche to get ideas and insights. Save their interesting post for your later motivation. Like and comment relevantly with value to their posts.

Day 2-7

Plan 30 days of contents and post which you will be using every day. Repost valuable content from other people's account at least a day. Create stunning graphics and make info-graphics which will make a lasting impression to your followers.

Decorate your profile with a theme and stick to it, because first impression matters most. Use highlight feature to showcase your growth.

Post at least two times a day at the peak time. For finding the peak time you have to work on your analytics. Don't forget to use the stories everyday, as they are the most engaging feature.

Always be responsive to your audiences, as when they leave a comment or follow you reply to their comment and say welcome for following you.

Day 8- 15

Follow the challenges which you did on day 2- 7. Now your main target is to attract new followers from the big account.

Only way you can attract their followers is by leaving thoughtful and valuable comments on their post immediately after publishing.

Do this at least on 30 accounts daily and also try to reply with other people's comment. Find and select similar sized accounts to reach out to them. DM them directly asking for shout for shout out and also try to tag them.

Day 16- 21

From the day 16, join niche related facebook groups to increase your engagement on Instagram. Those facebook groups are like booster for your Instagram growth. Try to regularly join their threads.

You can have a look for the 20 most engaging facebook groups to join for your Instagram engagement.

Keep repeating the challenges from day 2-7 and day 8- 15. Try to curate viral content on your own. Keep posting daily and make content plan ahead of at least 3 days.

Day 22- 30

At this point, there will be no new challenges but to keep repeating from the day 2 to 21 consistently and regularly is the key. Try to upload videos related to your niche.

Always use your caption to tell compelling stories related to your post. Because relevant stories make the audiences and visitors to your followers. 

Make this challenge as your habit to grow your Instagram organically. You will find unimaginable result within the coming months.

Grow organically from 0- 10k with 30 days instagram challenge
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Final Thoughts

Always remember patience and consistency is the key to success for your organic Instagram growth.

What else would you do in this challenge? comment with your thoughts. Do me a favor by sharing this article to your networks. Subscribe to my blog if you think me as your friend.

Take care. Bye for now. See you soon.


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